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Why Does DHL Express Take So Long?

China has been played an important role and contributed itself to the international trade, as the world starts to reopen and production activities in some countries were hindered after the pandemic, the global demand for goods manufactured in China is increasing greatly and surging production activities bolstered by pent-up demand amid economic recovery, which boosted power consumption in some coastal cities - that causes the power curbs recently and read this news posted before to gain a better understanding.  How China's Power Cuts Are Impacting Business


Why Does DHL Express Take So Long?

In our daily practice, we are aware that the DHL express serves the best and fastest service for delivery. It takes about 3~5 days for sample parcels that are less than 10kg, while it takes about 9~15 days for large packages.

However, many clients complained that they didn't get the parcels which were supposed to arrive in their hands a week ago. They would curious that What's happened and why does DHL express take so long recently.

DHL Express

After investigating, we found that the main reason lies in the recent abundant quantities of goods waiting for logistics. Due to the peak season in activewear industries and with the advent of the upcoming holidays, there are plenty of orders to be made in the factories and the number of goods waiting for dispatched has seen a dramatic increase, even occurred the phenomenon of warehouse overloading. Hence, the goods at the DHL warehouse are required to wait in line for discharge. 

The tracking will take a few days to update during this circumstance. If your parcel has arrived in your country and the DHL tracking status has not been updated since its arrival, it's likely because your parcel has been handed off from DHL to your local postal office for the final leg of delivery.

How can you get your parcel to be delivered quickly?

With the sustained growth of China's export and to further meet the demands of our clients, Dongguan Minghang Garments elaborately supplies the door-to-door one-stop service for our clients. We always hold fast to the principle of "Providing High-quality and Professional Private Label Services for our clients", under the guidance of which our company also has cultivated a backbone team with mastery over business and strong capacity for operation. If it's urgent to be delivered, no waiting channel can be chosen, including UPS, FedEx, and etc. Please reach out to us for more info.

Business Proficient Team

Apart from delivery delays, many dyeing and printing factories will most be likely closed or suspended operation by the end of Dec. amid power curbs. If you are seeking any possibilities to launch your exquisite activewear collection before the upcoming Xmas holidays, make sure you find the right manufacturer and place the order as soon as possible by any chance. Dongguan Minghang Garments are making all-out efforts to help you thrive and carry out your orders successfully despite all odds.

Post time: Feb-28-2023