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How to filter the suitable China Sportswear Manufacturers for you?

The main advantage of China Sportswear Manufacturers is the wide selection of products and the variety of fabrics to choose from. And to help you make products that fit your business, custom sportswear will cost significantly less than foreign manufacturers. In addition, the quality and speed of production can be strictly controlled.

First of all, where are the major China Sportswear Manufacturers?

China sportswear factories are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and other places. Among them, Guangdong is one of the largest production bases in China. The garment manufacturing and processing enterprises in Dongguan, Shenzhen, and Foshan have a long history and a complete industrial supply chain, which can greatly reduce your procurement costs.

From what aspects to judge whether it is a high-quality manufacturer?

With the rising trend of sportswear in recent years, many sportswear manufacturers have appeared. Some are formal garment factories with more than ten years of experience in wholesale sportswear, and some are processing studios with only a few to ten people. Companies vary in size and quality.

Therefore, you need to judge whether it meets your needs from several aspects

1. The most basic thing is to have an international certification about product quality (for example BSCI, SGS, etc.).
2. Whether the sportswear factories have reached the target and whether there is any illegal operation (video or other factory inspection methods).
3. Which customers have you worked with, and what customer evaluations (to understand the wholesale experience).
4. The size of the factory and the number of employees (this determines the production capacity).
5. Whether the manufacturer can understand your customization intention and whether the communication is smooth.
6. Other credit endorsement content (such as other third-party certification supervision, etc.).

The above are just a few reference aspects, you can also learn more about sportswear manufacturers through some proofing or small batch orders.

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